Get on the Water

Kiting at Joe's

go Kiting in one of the best places in mexico.

Kiting in La Ventana has a reputation for a reason. With consistent strong thermal winds happening throughout the winter, our best season is from November to March. Cerralvo island is located just off the coast of the bay, and it creates a venturi effect that channels the wind down the 30+ mile beach and come in cross on shore (perfect for kiting). 

As much as we would love to trust just one website to give us an accurate forecast, we  generally use a couple. We are lucky to have a local retired meteorologist, MasViento, who updates us daily throughout the winter season, and we use ikitesurf. 

Baja Joe’s partner’s up with Elevation Kiteboarding for our kiteboarding lessons. The school is located on the beach in the resort, and is a certifed IKO center. It is well established in La Ventana and offers jetski assisted lessons, bb talks (two way radios), ground lessons, and rentals. We offer lessons in English, French and Spanish and are lucky to have a good amount of female instructors as well.

The team has more than 15 years of experience, and so they have seen it all, adapted to it all and perfected it all.